Disney’s new ‘The Lion King’ Trailer takes you back to the 90’s [VIDEO]

If you’re a 90’s baby and feel that the 90’s is the best era well you’re in luck.  The first full length trailer for the latest remake of “The Lion King” dropped during Sunday’s Oscars and brought the nostalgic feel back to the hearts of Disney fans.

The latest footage featured in the trailer didn’t show much about what the movie has in store but reminisced on an iconic scene. Those familiar with the film will be hit with a familiar scene as the classic song “The Circle of Life” plays over visuals of Rafiki lifting Simba up over the crowd. 

As the hype for the film seems to build up, all we can do is just wait and see what is in store for us when the film releases this summer on July 19th. 

Are you ready for the new Lion King movie?

Check out the newest trailer below!