Disturbing Footage Shows A 6-Year-Old Begging An Officer To Not Arrest Her

This will crush your heart and make your blood boil.

Body camera footage was released of a 6-year-old being arrested for battery and put into the back of a cop car by Orlando, Florida police. The little girl, Kaia Rolle, is crying and begging Officer Dennis Turner for mercy as he restrains her hands from the back with a zip tie. Kaia sobs and pleads, “help me,” “I don’t want to go to the police car,” “please let me go.” 

The incident happened back in Sept. 2019 and authorities were initially called because Kaia was misbehaving in class. According to statements written by the principal, the assistant principal, and school staff members, “Kaia Rolle was screaming and pulling on a classroom door because she wanted to wear her sunglasses.” The assistant principal saw the behavior and took Kaia to the office where she allegedly began “kicking and screaming.” 

“Kaia became aggressive hitting me with her hands in the chest and stomach area,” the assistant principal wrote in the statement. “I restrained her by holding her forearms,” the assistant principal said. 

Officer Turner, who was working as the school’s resource officer, tried to intervene but Kaia “would not listen,” according to a staff member, reported on CNN. In the principal’s statement, which is hard to decipher, the statement says:

“He told her that he would take her to ja__ if she didn’t stop misbehaving and hitting.”

Video released to CNN by the family’s attorney tell a different story. It shows Kaia calmly reading a book with a teacher and doesn’t show the tempter tantrum that the school is claiming she had. The police report says the assistant principal wanted to press charges and would testify in court, but the initial statement the assistant principal gave doesn’t show him wanting to testify in court and prosecute criminally. 

CNN also reports that a statement released by Kaia’s school on Sept. 24, 2019, the school wrote:

“Never did anyone within our organization request or direct the School Resource Officer to arrest this student.” 

CNN reached out to the school for comment but hasn’t heard back yet.

Kaia was fingerprinted and her mugshots were taken until she was released back to her grandmother. Her grandmother says Kaia was suffering from the side effects of sleep apnea. 

The same day Kaia was arrested, Officer Turner had arrested another 6-year-old in a separate incident. Days after, Officer Turner was fired. 

Take a look at the video: