DMX Update: Condition Reportedly Not Improving, Family Facing A Difficult Decision 

It’s been a long six days for the family/fans of DMX.

The Yonkers, New York rapper, is currently clinging to life in the ICU in a coma. 

In the latest report, TMZ says the family may soon be faced with a difficult decision. DMX underwent tests on April 7 to determine his brain activity. According to the article, there’s been no improvement

DMX’s loved ones and fans are praying hard for a miracle. On April 5, the Ruff Ryders Rescue Foundation held a vigil. From the footage, thousands of people flooded White Plains hospital, where DMX is recovering. 


On April 3, the rapper/prayer warrior (in his own right), was rushed to the hospital due to an apparent overdose and heart attack. His brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly a half-hour at the time. DMX has 15 children, some are by his side and his fiancee.

As we keep the hip hop legend in our thoughts, take a look at some rare DMX moments that will lift your spirits: