Doc Rivers Twitter Account Reportedly Hacked After Liking Explicit Content

Doc Rivers sent Twitter into a frenzy after his followers called him out for liking some pornographic tweets.

Fans of the Philadelphia Sixers coach noticed that the account was liking a lot of explicit content which caused Rivers to come under fire on social media. 

Since then, the Sixers reported that their coach’s account was hacked. Reported John Clark tweeted out, “I’m told Doc Rivers’ Twitter account was hacked and the Sixers were able to undo the likes and they are getting his account back to full working order.” 

The tweet went on to say, “Doc was informed by a friend about the bizarre activity on his account and it is being taken care of by the team.” 

Rivers’ account being hacked was confirmed by Paul Hudrick, an editor of the Sixers blog on SB Nation. “Confirmed through a source that Doc Rivers’ Twitter account was compromised and the team was working overnight to address it.” 

Doc Rivers’ Twitter account seems to be back to normal and all of the explicit content has been removed.