Domani Harris Reveals He and Messiah Primarily Lived with Their Mother, Not T.I. and Tiny

Domani attends the BET Awards Radio Broadcast
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 22: Domani attends the BET Awards Radio Broadcast Center at Microsoft Theater on June 22, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for BET)

Domani Harris, the second eldest of T.I.’s four sons, sat down for an interview with Baller Alert and opened up about his family. On the podcast, Domani revealed that he and Messiah lived with their mother, Lashon Dixon, for majority of the time during filming for “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” on VH1.

The revelation comes days after a blowup was caught on an Instagram Live between King Harris and his parents went viral. It appeared that the heated moment stemmed from a disagreement about King’s upbringing being split between his parent’s household and that of his maternal grandmother’s.

Domani, 22 explained that he dished simple advice to King in the wake of the publicized incident. “’Just relax.’ I said, ‘This too shall pass,’” Domani told the podcast hosts in the new episode published on Friday (Dec. 1).

He believes that King’s attempt at explaining that he was not completely sheltered from reality by the gates of a well-to-do community has been misconstrued. “I think everything King is trying to say is just coming off, he’s using the wrong words, I feel like, and I told him this,” said the up-and-coming artist.

“I’m thinking about, like dang, ‘How does my Mom feel?’”

“I feel like what he’s trying to say is [that] what was on TV is not exactly what actually happened, and I think he’s only trying to say that because people try to treat him… I don’t know what be going on when he go outside… I think he [was] just trying to say he went to school from his grandma house, he stayed at his grandma house,” he explained.

He also discussed his and Messiah’s duality experience living with his mom and visiting his dad.

“So, I stayed with my mother,” he said, noting that he and Messiah have the same mom. “We both lived with her. We did stay in Riverdale [an Atlanta suburb] for a while. It turned out to be a good balance, but I wasn’t looking at it like that at the time.”

“So, you could imagine going from this type of situation, which wasn’t like bad, like I didn’t look around and like, ‘Man, we need to, like this is crazy,’ I wasn’t like that,” he added. “But when you see something else that’s uh just like totally opposite of that, it would make you feel weird,” he admitted, adding that his father’s lifestyle was very different than his mother’s.

“It’s not like a, um, like a bad thing, it’s just like, I’m thinking about, like dang, ‘How does my Mom feel?’ Like, going on trips and stuff, and she’s at the house. … We’d come back with clothes, toys, whatever we asked for.”

Domani also said his relationship with his father was “wonderful.”

“That’s my father, but that’s like my best friend,” said Domani.

Watch the full interview below: