Don Lemon Marries Longtime Partner After 5 Year Engagement

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Don Lemon is officially a married man!

The former CNN news anchor married his longtime partner Tim Malone after being engaged for five years. He later revealed that he thought it wasn’t going to happen. The happy couple reportedly exchanged their vows in a traditional church ceremony in New York City on Saturday, April 6th. 

Many celebrities including Clive Davis, Alec Baldwin, The View co-hosts Ana Navarro- Cárdenas, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin were in attendance. Both grooms wore custom suits that complimented each other and shared their love for each other in front of 140 guests. 

In a recent interview, Malone spoke about wanting the wedding to be an event for everyone and not just for the grooms. 

“We wanted to make a public statement…and we wanted to involve our loved ones. We obviously could have easily gone to city hall. We could have used Covid as a perfect excuse to do something really quiet. But I think this is also a message. For I don’t know what percent of our guests, on both sides, but for a lot of them it’s going to be their first gay wedding,” he said.

Lemon added that the gesture was important although he believed that it was something that would never happen. “I never thought that I would get married…I mean, maybe Tim’s generation, he’s 18 years younger than me. So for him maybe it was more of a possibility.”

He continued, “The legal part of it is a big deal because I didn’t think it could happen. And for so many years of my growing up and hiding things, I never thought it could happen legally. But when you consider all the rights that people are trying to take away, I wanted to make sure that we get this done right.”

They also spoke about what marriage means to them and how important it is for both of them. “It’s a confirmation of our love and our commitment to each other…it’s also about celebrating our relationship, and our relationship with the people who are most important to us in our lives.”

Congratulations to the happy couple.