Donald Faison And His Daughter Shuts Down The Internet Over ‘Clueless’ Costume

It is safe to say that Donald Faison and his daughter, Wilder, understood their Halloween assignment.

The daddy-daughter duo dressed up as Murray and Dionne from the 1995 hit movie Clueless, which Faison starred in. On his social media account, Faison posted himself wearing his character’s signature Kangol backwards, and his gold chain. 

While Wilder was sporting Dionne’s classic black and white plaid ensemble with the infamous bowl hat. The caption under the post read, “#Holloween”. See the post below.

Faison played the role of Murray Duvall and Stacey Dash played his girlfriend, Dionne Davenport. Alicia Silverstone starred as Cher, alongside the late Brittany Murphy who played Tai. 

In 2019, Faison spoke about the importance of the movie just before its 25th anniversary. “I think the movie still stands the test of time. It still transcends to the audiences nowadays,” he said. “Nobody’s ever going to see a silly movie where we’re talking really weird. What the heck is a Baldwim? You know what I mean? And I remember producer Adam Schroeder saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be a hit.’ And me looking at him like, ‘This movie?’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, this movie’s going to be really huge.’”

He went on to talk about how the movie brought the Black characters to the forefront. “The Black characters in the back or the Black character’s the real angry one or it doesn’t exist in these movies. And my goal was to be Ice Cube in this movie, but to be also Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles in this movie. And after watching it, I was like, ‘Holy cow, I definitely did what I sought out to do.’ And 25 years later, here we are, and it still resonates.”