Donald Glover Sets Social Media On Fire After Recent Interview

Donald Glover had social media in an uproar after he conducted an interview with himself. 

The rapper/actor asked himself a series of questions that spoke about his career, his views on race, his opinions on cancel culture, and more. 

One of the questions that he asked was “Are you afraid of Black women?” and gave the reason for asking the question. 

“I feel like your relationship to them has played a big part in your narrative,” he said. “I feel like you’re using Black women to question my Blackness. I hate talking about race for more than five minutes unless it’s with other Black people and/or we’re laughing.” 

He would later talk about cancel culture and if he is afraid of being canceled.

 “I think that’s the game. A lot of people out here are celebrities. So their value is in people liking them. I believe my value is in my vision. So I have to make something good enough and just be human. You can get torn apart for anything, true or not.”

The interview would go on for a while but it wouldn’t be long before fans on social media began to make fun of it. See some of those posts below.