Donald Trump Asks Campaign Subscribers to Pick Their Favorite Space Force Logo

Photo Credit: Saul Loeb/Getty Images

Nearly two months ago, Donald Trump teased the idea of introducing a “Space Force” to the military. The brand would operate as a department of the armed forces and work “separate but equal” to the Air Force. As expected, many people heard this as another unrealistic thought living inside Trump’s imagination, but yesterday (Aug. 9), Mike Pence formally announced a Space Force proposal – logos included.

Pence confirmed that Trump is ready to move his Space Force forward at full speed ahead, so much so that his campaign team sent an email blast to subscribers asking them to vote on the soon-to-be sixth military branch’s logo.   

But in an unsurprising twist of events, TMZ reports that the logos in the email are not for the actual armed forces department, but logos for its potential merchandise.  

Though Pence made the announcement, the Space Force doesn’t actually exist (yet), but Trump has already found a way to make some profit.