Dr. Dre Warns Ex-Wife To ‘Slow Down’ As Spousal Support Is Coming To An End

Dr. Dre is sending a warning to his ex-wife, Nicole, when it comes to her finances.

According to TMZ, Dre says he’s been footing the bill for all Nicole Young’s expenses, which amounts to $293,306 a month while the divorce is being finalized.

New updates in the case reveal that Nicole is now asking for $2 million in spousal support monthly. As a source close to the couple confirmed, “Once this case is resolved and Dre discontinues his current practice of paying for all of her expenses, Nicole is going to have to learn to tighten that belt.”

Sources close to Dr. Dre tell TMZ, the court-approved schedule establishing the factors in computing spousal support entitles Nicole to somewhere between $138,622 and $81,002 a month.