Dr. Simone’s Husband Cecil Whitmore Confirms Appearance in ‘Freaknik’

Cecil Whitmore, husband to Married to Medicine‘s Dr.Simone Whitmore, has confirmed one Hulu watcher’s suspicion.

On March 21, an X user posted “Mr. Cecil, is this you down at Freaknik?”. In the photo, a young Whitmore can be seen in an image with two friends.

The new documentary, executive produced by Jermaine Dupri, shares the “untold story” surrounding the popular Atlanta parties that swelled to popularity in the ’90s. Taking viewers back to the roots, the documentary details how “Freaknik” started as a spring break picnic created by Black college students at an Atlanta HBCU in 1983.

The former IT executive confirmed it was him. “You got me!!! This is the OG Freaknik before the 90s for the record. @eugeneharrislll & I are working on our podcast we will talk about it!!!” he wrote. The photo in question was snapped at the 1988 cookout, which, at that time, was still centered on students.

Since Whitmore jokingly felt called out he felt compelled to share further pictures. The 51-year-old posted, “Since @MobzWorld busted me out in the #FreaknikOnHulu Here is the next year 1989 with my brother @dgolfer25! Fun fact for #Married2Med fans My brother & the lady in the picture are the parents of Nephew who stayed with us in high school.” The photo showed David Whitmore, his wife, and Cecil smiling, in the midst of a huge Freaknik gathering.

He later added that the AU center was the best place to hang out and attend parties.

“I know the #freaknikdocumentary on Hulu is great! But before it got crazy, the AU Center was easily one of the best parties & hangouts for HBCUs. The Cali Club had the Beer Bash & it was epic too. If you know, you know!!”

Dr.Simone and Whitmore have been married since 1997 and have shared their ups and downs over the years. During the season 5 Married to Medicine reunion, Dr. Simone dropped a bomb when she confirmed she was planning to divorce Cecil. However, the couple is still going strong as they approach almost 30 years together.

The duo met as college students nearly 35 years ago while attending Morehouse and Spelman College in Atlanta. Together, they have two kids, Miles and Michael.