Draymond Green Suspended For Five Games After Headlock Incident

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Draymond Green has officially been suspended after putting Rudy Gobert of the Minnesota Timberwolves in a headlock. 

The incident happened during Tuesday night’s Warriors vs Timberwolves game. The fight took place during the first quarter of the game after Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels got into a fight at half-court. It would evolve to Green putting Gobert in a headlock. 

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Thompson, Gobert, and McDaniels were all fined $25,000 by the league, however because Green physically attacked another player, he has been suspended for five games. “The length of the suspension is based in part on Green’s history of unsportsmanlike acts,” the NBA said in a statement. 

After the game, Gobert expressed how he felt after things settled down. “Not much to say. That’s just clown behavior.” He continued, “My first thought was just, ‘I’m not going to fight. I need to be in this game to help my team.’” 

He added, “I just showed the ref that I had my hands up, and I just waited until the situation was over. Nothing more than that. It wasn’t a good enough choke to put me to sleep.” 


Prior to this recent suspension, Draymond Green has been suspended three previous times during his time in the NBA, one of those times while being on the Warriors. Do you think that this suspension is justified?