Durand Bernarr Releases Sophomore Album “Wanderlust”

Durand Bernarr fans are rejoicing! Two years after his self-titled project, Dur&, Durand is back with his sophomore album, Wanderlust. The album arrives on the heels of Lil Bit, the lead single he dropped on August 30th.

One of the benefits that came out of the pandemic was stillness. This stillness allowed creative minds, like Durand Bernarr, to dig deeper into their artistic toolbox. For him, the result of this two-year brainstorm is a shoulder-bopping album that offers a transparent, affirming experience that every listener can relate to.  

Meticulously curated, the album opens with Durand’s declaration of boundary setting with “Boundaries”. “Whatchu mean “why”? / Wasn’t “no” sufficient? / Wasn’t ‘because I don’t want to’/ Good enough for you?”, he sings in the opening track. He then applies those boundaries with “Intermission”, the albums closing track. “We gotta take an intermission / No we’re not through / But I got to get to know me….without you”, he declares. 

Wanderlust pays homage to one of Durand’s favorite albums, Kelis’ Wanderland. He shared with his “cousins” , “This album is a homage to her and the way she paved the way for my eye and my ear. Thank you, Kelis. You’ve always been that girl.”

“Wanderlust is the result of taking multiple deep dives inward and identifying lessons learned from always being a student of life and self. I’m happy to share such a pivotal personal moment with my cousins, and their cousins,” says Durand Bernarr.

Stream and download Wanderlust on all major streaming platforms.