Dyma Loving Thrown To The Ground By Cop After Needing Help From Neighbor With Gun [VIDEO]

Photo credit – ArtOlympic/Shutterstock


This situation would make anyone apprehensive when calling 911 for help.

Dyma Loving and her friend Adrianna Green had left home in Miami and a neighbor made a rude remark, calling them “whores!”

Reported on The Root, Frank Tumm yelled at Loving about her skin complexion. “He told me that he will blow my ‘burnt black face off [you] f*****g neck bitch.”

At that point, she was upset and tossed Tumm’s plants on the street. That’s when he grabbed his gun and pointed it at them. The women ran off and called the police for help.

The first officer to arrive questioned everyone involved, including a witness, according to the report. When arresting officer A.I Giraldo showed up, that’s when things got nasty!

Loving needed to charge her phone which required her to pass Tumm’s house and she was seeking assistance from the officer. He refused and then began questioning her about the situation. Then shown in the video, he attempts to cuff her, grabs her arms, and throws her to the ground.

Loving was “arrested and charged with two misdemeanors, disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence, and spent 12 hours in jail before posting a bond of $1,500. Tumm wasn’t arrested until Thursday,
according to the report.

Tumm was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Giraldo is being investigated.

Loving says her trust is “completely broken” and she will never call the police for help again.

Take a look at video coverage: