Earthquake Responds To Katt Williams Calling Him Illiterate

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Comedian Earthquake is finally breaking his silence on the comments that Katt Williams made about him during his interview with Shannon Sharpe.

During a recent interview, he spoke on Williams and said, “First, of all, it’s a lie. I did radio for years. Everybody in radio wants to be like y’all and be syndicated, but if you’re not syndicated and you got one station, the only way you get some money off live reads.”

He went on to speak about his education when he was in high school. “And another thing, in ninth grade, I was picked to go to Georgetown in the upward bound program. Earthquake expressed that he was shocked by Katt Williams’ verbal attack.

“Me and him was cool so I don’t know where that came from,” he said. “Certain things he said about me, half was true, half was… to each its own.” The comedian continued, “I don’t even get into that part of it because see, I’m a type of person, if I have a problem with you, Imma call you. And man to man, we either gonna talk it out, we gon duke it out, but we gonna handle it man to man. I don’t talk behind people’s back. That’s what social media is. If you go into a platform and talk about a person without you addressing them yourself when you have opportunities to get in contact with them and let it be known.”

Earthquake isn’t letting Katt Williams’ comments bother him and he is still giving his praises to Williams. “When I first ran into Katt, he was the most phenomenal, doing things that had never been done before. I have always admired his work.”