Eddie Murphy May Quit Acting to do Stand-Up: ‘I Can’t Imagine Wanting to do Movies Again’

Photo credit: Rachel Luna / Getty Images 

How would you feel if Eddie Murphy didn’t star in any movies anymore? 


We recently reported that Murphy was making his return to stand-up in 2020. Although fans are anticipating his stand-up return, Murphy revealed that he “can’t image” wanting to do movies anymore. “Once I get back on stage, I kind of feel like that’s what I was born to do more than anything.”


His return to stand-up will air in a series of Netflix specials. “When I get back on the stage, I can’t imagine wanting to do movies again.”


Murphy explained that filming movies keeps him away from his 10 children for too long. “What I like to do more than anything is just be home with my family, chilling,” Murphy said. “It’s really easy to feel like you’re working when you make a movie. You’ve got to get up at five, six in the morning. I started making movies when I was 20 years old, when I made 48 Hrs. That’s f—ing 38 years. You’ve been on a movie set, you see how this sh– is. It’s not a fun process.”


He continues, “Once I get back onstage again, I want to do whatever, be funny—I can do that whenever I want to. You know? But making movies? Being an old dude in the movies? That’s not it. Let them watch me get old, get all old looking. Like, ‘You see Eddie’s new movie? He looks terrible,’ ” he added.


This will be Murphy’s first time returning to the stage since he was 27. “I look at some of my old stuff and cringe. Sometimes I’m like, I can’t believe I said that! I’m 58 now so I don’t think I’m gonna’ approach it the same way,” he said.