Emmett Till’s Mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, Posthumously Honored With A Statue

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Mamie Till-Mobley was posthumously honored with a statue. 

According to reports, Argo Community High School, which she attended, revealed the huge statue of Till-Mobley. She became involved in the civil rights movement after she allowed the world to see her son’s face in his casket after he was brutally beaten and murdered for allegedly whistling at a white woman in Mississippi. 

Mamie’s statue shows her giving a speech with a photo of her son along with a quote.“We are only given a certain amount of time to do what we were sent here to do. You don’t have to be around a lifetime to share the wisdom of a lifetime. There is no time to waste,” the quote reads.

Reverend Wheeler Jr., Emmett’s cousin said that this statue is a beautiful tribute to the family. “The effect of this memorial speaks volumes to the race issue in America,” he said. “The Emmett Till and Mamie Till Mobley Walkway represent a welcome home to Emmett that he was not able to experience in life and as a beacon of hope that change is possible.” 

Chris Benson, the president of the Till Institute also spoke about the statue. “Not only does the statue represent an incredibly accurate likeness, but it also represents a source of inspiration for generations at the gateway to the school where Mother Mobley was an honor student,” he said.

Benson added, “As a teacher for more than two decades, Mother Mobley considered her leadership in education as a high form of activism—preparing students for future challenges armed with the understanding of the sacrifices that had made it possible for them to succeed.”

We recently reported that Carolyn Bryant Donham, the white woman involved with the murder of Emmett Till passed away at age 88 after a battle with cancer.