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Whoopi Goldberg Returns To Daytime TV + Opens Up About Health Issues [VIDEO]

Photo credit - Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Since February 6, ABC’s The View was without their 5th host, Whoopi Goldberg.

Now the Golden Globe award-winning actress is making her way back and sharing what she’s been going through.

She’s been battling pneumonia and nearly lost her life. Whoopi surprised her co-hosts on Thursday (March 14) and it was emotional for everyone.

Whoopi told the audience, “this is my first foray out, I'm not there yet, I know that but the only way it's gonna get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning.” She’s not 100% better and is still dealing with a cough but plans to be on set more over the next week and a half.

The Color Purple actress joked and said, “I'm the only person who can go into the hospital for three weeks and put weight on.” Although she’s able to make laughs about the situation, it was a near death experience.

Whoopi’s doctors let her know that she's blessed to be alive. She went on to say, “this is a cautionary tale for all of us, you must take care of yourself because there's little tiny stuff out there that can kill you that you never even think of.” She made a reference to Kim Porter’s death, who passed away from pneumonia on November 15, 2018.

Whoopi plans on being back on the show Monday but will most likely be taking things easy. We wish you a full and speedy recovery!

Take a look at the moment when Whoopi Goldberg surprised her cohosts:



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