Erykah Badu Accuses Beyoncé Of Stealing Her Look

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It seems like things are getting heated for Beyoncé and the heat is coming from the legendary Erykah Badu. 

During her Saturday night performance at MetLife as part of her Renaissance Tour, Beyoncé had multiple outfit changes including an Ivy Park jersey, a pair of knee-high camouflage boots, and a huge silver hat, while her daughter Blue Ivy wore something similar to match. 

Although fans were loving Queen Bey’s outfits, Badu seemingly express her disdain for the outfit in Beyoncé’s comment section. At first, she wrote, “I’m flattered,” which left fans wondering if she was throwing shade at the “Cuff It” singer. 

Badu, who is known for wearing huge top hats, had a fan respond to her comment. “Stop, Erykah! Your Abraham Lincoln hat is your trademark. Everybody knows this is the formation hat. Why you wasn’t saying this when Formation came out? Now you got some to say…. Hmmmmm… I’m flattered,” the fan wrote. 

The “On&On” singer would post a few photos of her and Beyoncé in her IG story wearing similar hats with the caption that read, “I guess I’m everybody stylist.”

What are your thoughts on this?