Erykah Badu Demands An Apology From ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Producer [PHOTO]

Photo credit: David Becker / Getty Images

It was reported that many celebrities were asked to speak in the documentary that aired on Lifetime, including singer Erykah Badu.  According to her, those claims are false. She sent out a tweet stating she was never asked to be a part of the docu-series.

Badu received a lot of black lash, as she asked fans to give Kelly “unconditional love” surrounding his legal troubles and allegations. “I love you. Unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I support your poor choices. I want healing for you and anyone you hurt.”

Well, now Erykah and the documentaries executive producer, Dream Hampton, are going back and forth on twitter. Badu is insisting she was never contacted to be in the doc and demanding an apology. Hampton is simply saying that is untrue.

It seems like Badu won’t be getting that apology from Hampton, “Apologize? Are you kidding? You publicly said he did more for black people than anyone?  If you want to apologize for that, fine, apology accepted, on behalf of Harriet and the whole crew. What you meant by calling him your brother from the stage, I’ll never know.”

See the feud below.