Erykah Badu Responds To DJ Akademiks After He Blasts Her Online

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If there is one thing for sure about Erykah Badu, it’s that she is going to always get the final laugh. A recent instance of that was Wednesday when Badu took to Instagram Live to address some statements music blogger, Akademiks, made about something she said many years ago.

In a Twitch livestream on Tuesday, DJ Akademiks circled back on a comment Badu made about him 5 years ago. In a conversation initially about the sentencing of Tory Lanez, one viewer commented saying that Badu should “work her magic” on Akademiks, referring to the rumor that Lanez leaked information about the trial to the blogger.

This began a rant from Akademiks after he recalled the time when he first met the singer on an episode of the Everyday Struggle Podcast, where she said he reminded her of Jerry from the cartoon, Tom and Jerry.

During his rant, he began calling the singer out of her name and even went as far as to call her “[an] old a** h*e.” Badu caught wind of his comments and addressed them in her Live the best way she could, with a special announcement

Without saying names, she prefaced the announcement by saying that she made comments years ago that triggered someone and they haven’t gotten over it.

“Had them out in these streets acting real p***y,” she continued. “And in honor of that, Badu P***y on sale today.”

The singer has decided to restock her highly sought-after and limited edition incense scent called Badu P***y, which is said to smell like her vagina. The premium incense originally went on sale in February of 2020 and sold out immediately. Now it is back for a limited time after Akademiks comments.

Akademiks has not yet responded.