Eva Marcille Opens Up About Violent Relationship with Kevin McCall: ‘I Was Pregnant When the Abuse Started’

Photo Credit: Neilson Barnard/Getty 

Kevin McCall was arrested earlier this week for a domestic violence incident with his girlfriend. While discussing the situation during a segment on ‘The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,’ Eva Marcille detailed the alleged abuse by the rapper. The RHOA star says:

“Domestic violence is very, very real. I went through domestic violence. I finally found the courage to talk about it a couple of years ago, about what I went through with Kevin. He was definitely extremely violent. Physically abusive and I wasn’t the only person who has dealt with it. More recently, there was a young lady he dealt with, knocked all her fronts out. His child’s mother before me has dealt with domestic violence, his sister, his mother. And now obviously, the list goes on.”

She adds:

“And there’s this new young lady that unfortunately was dating him. And his inability to have what people call self-control of his frustration and his anger and he takes it out. And he’s not a small guy. He played D1 football. He’s a nice size guy and obviously beat this girl up.” When Gary With The Tea made a joke about the unnamed woman, Eva made it clear that it wasn’t her but surely didn’t appreciate jokes being made about domestic violence.

Rickey then asked her what their relationship was like, Eva says:

“Whew, I cant even believe I’m  talking about it. Because it took me a lot of time to even get up the courage to talk about it, cuz it’s embarrassing. Coming from where I come from and being as astute and courageous as I am, you always feel like it could never be me.

I dated Kevin and I got pregnant. We weren’t really in love, to be completely honest. And it wasn’t a relationship that lasted long enough for me to really even know him. And so it didn’t start for me until I was pregnant with Marley when the abuse started. I was pregnant with my child. And then, about a month after having Marley, it didn’t stop. It got worse. And it got worse with her. The final straw was when Marley was actually in my arms once. And I was like, ‘I can’t do this anymore.’

So I feel sorry for that girl. I feel bad for that girl. I feel bad for women that have to deal with it. It’s actually not a laughable matter. It’s something that makes you feel so little so you really don’t want to talk about it. But it really sucks and I hope that they keep his ass in jail as long as they can, period.

It’s one of those things that you don’t want to talk about but it’s something that you have to talk about though. Because a lot of women that you sit next to, everyday at work, at church and family members. I have three brothers. I got a brother in the Marines and there is no way that they would have believed that I was even dealing with this.

And so if there are any women and men out there—because women are as crazy as men and there are women who are violent against men also—but if there’s anyone dealing with domestic violence, the Domestic Violence hotline is 1800-799-7233.

What I do know is that there is a sun on the other side of that dark day.”