Eve Reveals She Had To Prove Herself To Male Rappers In The Industry

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Eve talks about how she had to prove herself in the rap industry as a female rapper. 

In the three-part docuseries, “First Ladies of Hip-Hop”, the Philly native talked about the challenges she has faced as a rapper and a writer. She said that she was heavily doubted by her male peers. 

“I would walk into a studio and I’m like ‘All right well let’s start’ and people would be like, ‘Oh, where’s your writer?’ I’m like, ‘She’s here, she’s walked in. I’m here,’” she said. “‘Cause they didn’t just didn’t believe that I wrote My own lyrics and I think it was just because of the eye rolls from men and the, like, ‘Oh God.’ Like, it – I mean you – it was [visuable] – it was audible. Like, you could hear people breathe…and that would annoy me. So I had to show them.”

Eve released 1999 with her debut album, “Let There Be Eve… Ruff Ryders’ First Lady.” The album would land in the number one spot on the Billboard 200 Chart. She would go on to release other albums including, “Scorpion,” “Eve-Olution”, and then “Lip Lock.”

The docuseries will also feature stories from Sha Rock, Yo-Yo, Rah Digga, DJ Spinderella, and many more.