Ex-NBA Player Joe Smith and Wife Separate After Finding Out She Has An OnlyFans

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After a video surfaced of ex-NBA player Joe Smith exploding after finding out his wife, Kisha Chavis, made an OnlyFans, Chavis gives an update on their marriage.

In an interview with TMZ, she shared that the two have separated since he found out but their issues are deeply rooted, far beyond the account she made. She has admitted that they’ve struggled with finances mental health and infidelity for some time. However, Chavis believes that her and Smith are able to work this out.

‘I don’t want to be alone, but you know, if that’s what it has to be, that’s what it has to be. But, I don’t think we’ll have a divorce, I don’t think so. I think he’ll come around,’ she told the outlet.

She continued to explain that she started the OnlyFans account because of the couple’s finances. The two have been together for 13 years and have had plans to be an upstanding power couple with their many ventures but things didn’t work out that way. Chavis explained that the pandemic hit them hard financially which she believes put Smith into a depression. She said she felt this was the best idea to help out.

“I’m just sorry that he can’t understand that … it wasn’t a selfish decision,” Chavis said. “It was a decision that I made. I made an executive decision when my man wasn’t taking the lead. I really love Joe.”