Fantasia Explains Why She Didn’t Want A Stunt Double For Abuse Scenes In ‘The Color Purple

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Fantasia Barrino showed her true strength when it came to filming the remake of “The Color Purple.” 

While doing an interview, the singer/actress talked about not using a stunt double during her abuse scenes. “I could let go of every man that’s ever put his hands on me. I freed myself from that,” she explained. 

Fantasia, who plays Celie in the remake, has previously discussed that she has been a victim of sexual and physical abuse in previous relationships. It’s the same thing that her character goes through. 

She has also been open about being a survivor of an overdose after being hospitalized for overdosing on sleeping pills and aspirin in 2010. During that time, she said that she was facing and going through a lot. 

She said, “I just wanted the noise to stop.” The “Free Yourself” singer then shared the words of encouragement she received from the nurse who helped her during her hospital stay and added, “I’ll never do that again, because I have purpose. I’m going to speak into every young person’s life and tell them, ‘Don’t you dare give up.’”

Will you be going to see “The Color Purple” when it is released in theaters on Christmas Day? Watch the full trailer below.