Flavor Flav Reveals Offers To Sing National Anthem At Other Basketball Game

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After performing the national anthem at the Milwaukee Bucks basketball game over the weekend, Flavor Flav says that other teams have reached out to him to come sing as well. In a conversation with TMZ, he shared his inspiration behind wanting to perform the Star Spangled Banner.

“When I sang that national anthem, I was singing it for them because they’re not here to sing it for themselves,” Flav said to the outlet. “I did that in honor of my family and also for a lot of other people’s families, too, that fought for this country…I ain’t gonna lie, I was kind of proud of myself after I did it. I sang it my way and I gave it my own twist.” 

“There’s two other NBA teams that invited me, I’m just not gonna say who they are right now,” he said. He mentioned that one of them is his favorite team.

Performing the Star Spangled Banner was an opportunity that he had been looking forward to for quite some time. In a post-game tweet, he expressed how excited he was to do so.

“The anthem was a long-time bucket list item, that was fun!” he typed. “I can’t live my life worried about what people might say about me. I won’t let that stop me from trying new things and doing things I wanna do. Some people might not like that. But a sure failure is if you stop trying.”