Florida Deputy Caught on Camera Slamming Black Female HS Student Unconscious

Shocking new footage has emerged of a young black female being handcuffed, while unconscious, after having her head and body slammed to the ground by a Florida police officer, on the grounds of her High school. The horrific images leave viewers speechless.

The video shows Osceola Sheriff’s Department deputy reportedly knocking the teen unresponsive, and since its release, his use of force is being called out. The County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, the deputy, who is also the school’s resource officer, tackled the student due to a  “confrontation” at Liberty High School, according to reports. View a clip of the video below.


The incident reportedly took place between classes as the officer was attempting to stop the student in the video from fighting another student. Yet, they have said whether the officer has been placed on leave or reassigned pending the outcome of their investigation.