Floyd Mayweather Says He Won’t Condemn Diddy: ‘Mistakes Happen’

During a recent appearance on The Pivot Podcast, retired professional boxer Floyd Mayweather made headlines with his refusal to criticize Diddy amid sexual assault allegations. Mayweather, alongside former NFL stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor, and Ryan Clark, discussed various topics, including Diddy’s embattled situation.


“I’m not gonna speak bad about P. Diddy,” Mayweather asserted. “‘Cause he still a Black man. Mistakes happen. And I can’t say if it is or not a mistake, but things happen in life.”

Mayweather emphasized that it’s not his place, nor anyone else’s, to publicly condemn Diddy, stating, “P. Diddy’s business is P. Diddy’s business. It’s not my job or anybody else’s job to go on the internet and stomp him and kick a man while he’s down.”

He extended his perspective, noting, “Even if that happened to my daughter, I would be hurt but that’s a choice that my daughter made.”

Ryan Clark interjected, highlighting the importance of accountability, particularly in cases involving allegations of sexual assault. “If your son is accused of those things that Diddy was accused of, I’m going to believe in my son in what he says but I’ma check him about that,” Clark remarked. “And on the other side that we have to be very careful of, especially when talking about women, is that if those things are true, that wasn’t a decision they made; that’s something that was done to them.”

Diddy has faced multiple accusations of sexual assault since November of the previous year, vehemently denying all allegations. The lawsuits include claims from his ex-girlfriend Cassie, who alleged a pattern of sexual assault, physical abuse, and sex trafficking during their relationship. Although the initial suit was settled, three subsequent lawsuits, including one accusing him of gang rape in 2003, have followed.

Despite Mayweather’s stance, his remarks drew criticism, particularly on social media, where some highlighted his own history of domestic abuse accusations. Mayweather’s comments, while defending Diddy, sparked debate about accountability and support for alleged victims in cases of sexual assault.