Frank Ocean Teases Fans With New Music

Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty

Is it time? Will Frank be blessing his fans with some new music? Who knows? 


One thing for sure that we do know is that it has been a while since we have heard anything publically about Frank Ocean and his music, but that all changed today.


There have been rumors about his visual project Endless, which is finally coming to all streaming services, but it turns out that we may be getting one better: a brand new song with a big time names.


Frank Ocean is up to something and has definitely been cooking in the studio. He took to his favorite social media platform; Tumblr to tease what appears to be a new song with Kendrick LamarSZA and André 3000. The Blonde artist had written in the post the date March 1 before following that up with a list of names. It reads, “Solana + KL + Andre.”


In a separate post, Frank wrote, “? (2019) ? (2019) ? (2020).” Your guess is as good as mine as to what he’s trying to communicate here. Maybe this means that we’re getting two new projects this year and another in 2020? That is if we only live in a perfect world right?

Whatever this all means, Frank definitely seems to be hinting at something on the horizon it is just leads to the question of what it is exactly.  Hopefully, a single involving the four aforementioned artists actually comes to life. If not, we’ll just be satisfied with anything new from Frank.