Fraud Alert: Oprah Reveals Her Name Is Falsely Being Used To Promote Diet Pills & Gummies

Oprah is calling out the fraud that is attached to her name. 

Over the weekend, the media mogul posted on her Instagram to clear up any confusion of her selling weight loss supplements. In the video, she said that she had to address the issue after she was approached by different people inquiring about the weight loss supplements. 

“And so it happened to me again today. A woman came up to me and said, ‘Can you help me get your weight loss gummies?’” she said “And I said, ‘Ma’am, I don’t have anything to do with weight loss gummies. And let me just tell you, you’re the fifth person this week to mention it.’ So I am going to address it, so this is my attempt to address it.” 

Oprah went on to further explain, “It’s come to my attention many times over. Somebody’s out there misusing my name even sending emails to people advertising weight loss gummies. I have nothing to do with weight loss gummies or diet pills. And I don’t want you all taken advantage of by people misusing my name. So please know, I have no weight loss gummies.” 

Please be aware of any scams you may receive that says its from Oprah because she has made it clear that it is not her.