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Sean “Diddy” Combs is currently under investigation by various authorities for allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault, leading to Homeland Security Investigations agents conducting searches at his homes in Los Angeles and Miami. Combs, the founder of Bad Boy Records, is facing multiple lawsuits from individuals accusing him of rape or sexual assault over many years, which he vehemently denies. The following day, Combs’ attorney Aaron Dyer asserted his innocence, criticizing the government’s use of force during the raids and clarifying that Combs was not arrested, nor were any of his family members detained.

During the raids, Combs was in Florida, where authorities confiscated his phones before his planned trip to the Bahamas. TMZ later released footage allegedly showing Combs at the Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport shortly after the searches. Additionally, Brendan Paul, implicated as Combs’ alleged drug courier in a recent lawsuit, was arrested at Miami-Opa Locka airport for possessing cocaine and marijuana, although it remains uncertain if this arrest is connected to the investigation involving Combs.

Subsequently, TMZ released images of Combs’ private jet landing in Antigua, although Combs himself was not seen on board. Meanwhile, a lawyer representing Cassie and another unnamed alleged victim expressed support for law enforcement in prosecuting those who violate the law. Combs’ lawyer, on the other hand, described the raids as an excessive show for media attention, reaffirming Combs’ innocence and dismissing the accusations as unfounded. As the investigation unfolds, Combs’ celebrity associates may face scrutiny regarding their connections with him, with some potentially feeling compelled to distance themselves from the scandal.