Gabrielle Union Breaks The Internet In Thong Bikini On A Golf Course

Gabrielle Union is setting the Internet on fire again.

The actress shared a sexy photo. In the image, Gabrielle plays a game of golf in a thong bikini. She’s also rocking a big beautiful smile, take a look:

In other Gabrielle news, as reported on Yahoo, she’s big on teaching her children manners and giving back. In an exclusive interview, the publication asked Gab about her parenting style. She said,

“It depends on who else is home. If Dwyane is home, I’m the softie and he’s the disciplinarian. If it’s just me, I’m the disciplinarian. If the other kids are home, the dynamic changes again. So it really kind of depends on who’s around. But I think because I have working mom guilt and I don’t always have a lot of time with her, you’re like, Well, I don’t wanna spend the little bit of time I have disciplining her and her being upset with me.” She continued,

“And so you tend to let things go that other people who are dealing with it more consistently are looking at you like, “You gotta put your foot down!” [laughs] and I have a hard time with that, especially if I’ve been away from the house.”