Gabrielle Union To Work On Sequel To Original ‘Bring It On’ Movie

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Gabrielle Union is getting ready to develop a new version of the fan-favorite film, “Bring It On.”

The actress has decided to develop an official sequel focusing on the East Compton Clovers. In the original movie, Union played the role of Isis, the captain of the East Compton Clovers who rivaled against a team across town. 

However, for this film, the actress will take a different approach to how fans see the fictional cheerleading team. “We’ve been developing a sequel that centers on the Clovers,” she said during a recent interview. 

This isn’t the first time Gabrielle has mentioned working on this movie. In 2022, she shared some secrets during the filming of the original movie. “Storytime! So, we shot these snippets that you see here after the movie wrapped because once test audiences saw the movie, they wanted more of the clovers,” she wrote. 

“So we shot these, only for the trailer, not the movie, to make people think were in the movie more than we were. The end.” 

Throughout the years, there have been multiple spinoffs to the add-to franchise and none of the original cast members were figured in those films. It is unclear at the moment if some of Gabrielle Union’s former castmates will be in her film but we are excited to watch it come out. 

What are your thoughts on this “Bring It On” sequel?