Game Changers: TiffanyJ Wider [VIDEO + PHOTO]

WBLS celebrates Black History Month with “Game Changers” and this week we have the so-called dope creator and author of Super Beauty, TiffanyJ Wider.

A “super dope chick from South Carolina,” Tiffany had an idea to create a super hero called Super Beauty. Super Beauty has the powers to fight bullies, boost confidence, help young girls combat low self-esteem, and show young Black girls that there is a super hero just for them.

 Super Beauty comes with 20 positive quotes and catchphrases that help encourage and empower those going through depression, bullying, self-image issues.

Tiffany J and Super Beauty

The motivation behind Super Beauty comes from Tiffany’s own battle with depression and low self-esteem, something she didn’t conquer until she turned 25 years old. She admits she wishes there were more positive images of young Black girls and heroes shown to her as a child, thus, she’s giving the next generation a chance to grow up with a strong and powerful figure to look up to while navigating the ways of a 2019-kind-of-world.

Beyond the Super Beauty doll, TiffanyJ  also runs a self-empowerment program to called Beauty You Are Boot Camp  as a way of giving back to the community. The program boosts confidence and teaches young girls to love themselves through dance and music.  

Super Beauty also comes with accompanying books – the most recent called ABCs for the Culture – and a soon-to-come friend named Handsome Hero.