Gary Owen Reveals He Has No Contact With His Children Since His Divorce

Gary Owen reveals that his relationship with his children is strained since his divorce from his ex-wife, Kenya Duke. 

During a recent interview, Owen spoke about the relationship and said, “I’ve done everything. I’ve gone to Greensborough because my daughter is at A&T, knocked on her door, she wouldn’t answer. Tried to see her at the airport. I’m blocked on social media. I’ve gone through every outlet to try and get in touch with my daughter. I reach out, then I’m blocked.” 

He went on to say that his children had to learn about his divorce from Duke via social media and various news outlets. “We didn’t tell the kids. We were gonna wait and do it together but TMZ- that’s how they found out.” 

Owen has decided to speak on this issue now because he wants his children to hear his point of view on the situation. “Everybody kept telling me to tell my side. And honestly, it’s also another effort for my kids to hear it,” he said. 

According to the comedian, he and Kenya Duke need to do some healing before they can come to be civil with each other. “I think the divorce has to become final first and then we can start the healing process. But right now, it’s as ugly as it can get.” 

Gary Owen and Kenya Duke got married in 2003 and share three children together, Emilio, Austin, and Kennedy.  We reported that Duke filed for divorce last year and accused him of infidelity.