Gayle King Says A Man She Dated ‘Asked Her For $4,000’ For Child Support

Divorcee Gayle King is still dating and has hope for love!

On Tuesday (Jan 23), Gayle King visited The Pivot  to talk to hosts Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor. She chatted about several topics, from her long-time friendship with Oprah Winfrey and her career to her love of sports and family life. Gayle also shared stories about dating after divorce and how she thinks some men can be ‘intimidated’ by her.

One particular segment of the show about a recent date has the internet talking.

It staarted when Host Chowder playfully teased King for being rich. While she asserted that she is “doing alright,” King acknowledged that her net worth could be intimidating for some men. She also noted that men often want to compete with her.

“Somebody said to me once, ‘Look at your shoes. Look at your bag. Look at your coat. You’re friends with Oprah,’”  the Good Morning America host explained. “A guy looks at that and goes, ‘I can’t compete with that.’”

“I’m not looking for somebody to compete. You want somebody who has a sense of humor. Who’s very secure. Who’s not, well, intimidated by whatever all of this is,” she continued.

King then transitioned the conversation by sharing a story about a date she went on with an unnamed man. “I was very excited about it,” said King.

“We had gone out maybe two months, and then he said he really needed to talk to me,” King told the hosts. “He wanted to have a private conversation.”

“Okay, sure, what is it?” she recalled asking her date.

He asked her, “Do you think you could lend me $4,000?”

The male hosts responded in disbelief.

“I’m like, Oh God,” Gayle gushed, placing her face in her hand. (She also said her bestie Oprah jokingly told her she would have “felt better” if he asked for $40,000.)

Unfortunately, Gayle’s excitement decreased after his request. “I was so crushed because here is somebody who was making six figures, successful,” Gayle lamented. “And when I said, you know, ‘could I ask what it is for.’ He said yeah ‘it was for a child support issue and to pay a payment on furniture.”

Gayle was previously married to Bill Bumpus, a Connecticut assistant attorney general. They had two children – a daughter, Kirby, and a son, William Jr.

Watch the interview below: