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WBLS Reviews Some Of The Biggest Headlines Of The Week During The Rewind. 

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Wendy Williams’ NYC Penthouse Sold By Guardian

Wendy Williams sold her upscale NYC penthouse for $3.75 million, marking a drop from its original purchase price of $4.5 million. The property, situated in the Financial District, boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and stunning views of the Hudson River. Williams, known for showcasing her lavish lifestyle on social media, stopped sharing in 2022 after being diagnosed with progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia. Financial challenges, including a $500,000 federal tax lien, added to her woes, spotlighted in a documentary released earlier this year. Presently, Williams is undergoing treatment at an undisclosed facility, marking a significant shift from her previous public life.

Whoopi Goldberg Prefers ‘Hit-and-Runs’ Over Marriage 

Whoopi Goldberg discussed her preference for non-traditional relationships in a recent interview, admitting to being too selfish for conventional partnerships. Despite having a loving family, Goldberg joked about her inclination towards “hit-and-runs” over sleepovers. Her humorous recollection of her mother’s advice to throw parties instead of getting married reflects her long-standing aversion to traditional marriage. Goldberg’s candid remarks echo her past statements about marriage, despite being married and divorced three times.

Oprah Winfrey Says She’s Responsible For Toxic Diet Culture

Oprah Winfrey publicly acknowledged her contribution to toxic diet culture during a livestream event. Reflecting on her past promotion of extreme dieting methods, Winfrey expressed regret for perpetuating harmful beauty standards. Her acknowledgment emphasized the importance of learning from past mistakes and striving for improvement. While not providing specifics, Winfrey mentioned her current wellness regimen includes exercise and weight-loss medication, signaling a shift towards healthier habits.

Gayle King On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit At 69

Gayle King made headlines by gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit at the age of 69. Her appearance signifies a departure from traditional beauty standards, celebrating diversity in age and background. Praised by the editor for her confidence and success, King’s feature follows a trend of mature celebrities in the publication. The 2024 issue, commemorating the magazine’s 60th anniversary, features a diverse array of figures challenging stereotypes of beauty and success. King expressed gratitude for the opportunity, acknowledging the significance of her cover while remaining humble.