Giving Roses To Sisqo on ‘Rhythm & Views’ | Episode 5

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sisqó giving roses

The ladies at the Rhythm and Views podcast are continuing to highlight individuals in the music space. On their April 7th episode, they welcomed media maven, Gia Peppers, to discuss the newest season of her podcast, More Than That, thoughts on men crying in R&B and more. To finish off the episode, Zayna gave a special shout-out to R&B artist, Sisqó.

Over on Twitter, many people continuously discuss the 106 & Park entrance that Ginuwine made in 2006. The singer arrived on stage on an ambulance stretcher and everyone says that was peak R&B entertainment. They seem to always forget that there was another male R&B entertainer who wowed the crowd with every performance. Of course, we’re discussing Sisqó.

As 1/4th of R&B boy group Dru Hill, Sisqó has been giving us exactly what we need in every performance. The dance moves, the back flips, and even his music videos. In one, the singer jumped on the shoulder of one man just to jump on top of a bus to simply avoid foot traffic.

In the unreleased seven-minute music video for Unleash the Dragon, Sisqó fought a CGI dragon and beat him with back flips and dance moves.

Sisqó’s Time With Dru Hill

Let’s take it back to Dru Hill. The group gave us hits like Beauty, In My Bed (which, had a So-So Def remix that sounded completely different than the original. Make sure to listen to last week’s episode to catch up on what the ladies discussed about new-school remixes and old-school remixes).

Dru Hill even gave us Tell Me, which has circled back around to our current social media times with many people reliving the step-and-hop move that is required whenever you’re listening to the song. 

Making our way back up to Sisqó’s solo career. Many people only give Sisqó the credit for the Thong Song but his debut album, Unleash the Dragon, has more hits than just that. Case in point, Thong Song only peaked at No. 3 but Incomplete peaked at No. 1.

He was featured on How Many Licks by Lil Kim. He also put down vocals on DMX’s What These B*** Want.

Nowadays, Sisqó is back with Dru Hill. The group is still performing and touring. Sisqó is apparently still doing acrobatics in his performances to this day. So we have got to give a king his roses this week.

Be sure to listen to the full Rhythm and Views episode here: