Gizelle Bryant Reacts To Andy Cohen’s Joke About Robyn Dixon’s Marriage

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Gizelle Bryant is happy with Bravo host Andy Cohen after he made a joke about friend and fellow co-star Robyn Dixon’s marriage to Juan Dixon

According to reports, Cohen decided to make a joke about Juan allegedly cheating on Robyn although he was advised by Gizelle not to do so. “I didn’t like that. I saw him first before he saw Robyn and he asked me, should he do the joke or should he cut it? And I said, ‘Cut it.’ And he’s like, ‘Yes, definitely… we’re gonna cut it,’”she recounted.

However, Cohen claims that Robyn had okayed the joke and said that it was fine for him to put in. The joke was apparently about the network (Bravo) paying for the hotel so that Juan didn’t have too. This is a play on the rumors that Juan Dixon allegedly cheated on Robyn after everyone learned that he had paid for a hotel room for a female associate. 

It took Robyn a while to address the rumors but when she did she stated that her husband explained that the woman reached out to him claiming that she lost her wallet and asked him if he can cover her for the night. She chose not to speak on the issues any further than that.

When Robyn was asked about the joke that Cohen made she said, “I can laugh at myself. I can laugh at situations. I know how ridiculous the situation sounds and I can laugh at that and acknowledge it. And so yeah, when Andy was like, ‘There’s a joke that I was going to put in,’… I was like, ‘Well, tell it to me,’ And he told it to me. I was like, ‘Oh yeah, put it in that’s funny.’”

She added, “I think that’s how I was raised. My father has always told me, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. And that is a situation that I literally sit at home and I laugh at. It’s the most absurd thing. And I also don’t care what people think about the situation. I don’t care what they believe, so I’m not shying from any of that.”