GMA Host Robin Roberts To Marry Long-Time Partner

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Good Morning America host, Robin Roberts, has shared with fans that she is expecting to tie the knot this year!

The anchor shared the news while chatting with author and motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein on the show. Bernstein asked Roberts what she’s a “yes for” this year. She was hesitant in her response.

“I’m hesitating because I haven’t said it out loud yet,” Roberts said.  “I’m saying yes to marriage,” she added. “We’re getting married this year. It’s something we have talked about, but we had put it off. She became ill, and it is saying yes to that and that next chapter.”  

The History Of Robin Roberts and Amber Laign’s Relationship

Roberts and her partner, Amber Laign, have been together for 18 years. The anchor said she and Laign “talked about” having a ceremony in the past. However, the couple put it off after Laign was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021. Roberts also was once diagnosed with the disease in 2007. Additionally, in 2012, she was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, myelodysplastic syndrome, and underwent a bone marrow transplant.  

In a video she tweeted out last year, she explained how the roles have reversed in their relationship and that it was her time to be a caregiver. “She and I have been together almost 17 years and have helped each other through our challenges like my journey with cancer,” Robin Roberts said in a video shared on Twitter last year. “It’s my turn now to be there for her as she was with me.”  

Roberts also became emotional discussing Laign’s health struggles during an April appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She made it very clear that she was committed to being Laign’s biggest supporter. “I’m a puddle every time I think about what Amber is going through,” Roberts recalled. “But she is being so courageous and is handling it extremely well.”

Only a few months after Roberts announced Laign’s diagnosis, she tweeted a video of her successfully completing radiation.