Grammy’s CEO Believes SZA Can Win Album Of The Year

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With the 2024 Grammy nominations recently being released, eyes are on SZA who is in the lead with nine nominations in total. Of the nine, she is in the running for the big three: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. Recording Academy CEO, Harvey Mason Jr. believes she could walk away with the latter.

“I really will give you an interesting perspective here, but I think [SZA] has a 1/8 chance,” he shared with The Hollywood Reporter. “No, I mean, I think she has a chance because she had an incredible record. The nominees this year all made such great music. It’s really going to come down to the second round of voting [and] this second listen [and] who moves the voters and who makes an impact with the voters. And I do believe she has a shot.”

In the Album of the Year category, the S.O.S album is up against the projects of Taylor Swift, Jon Batiste, Janelle Monáe, Lana Del Rey, boygenius, Olivia Rodrigo, and Miley Cyrus.

Mason Jr. added, “It’s a competitive landscape. There’s a lot of extremely talented artists with big projects, so we’ll see. It’s hard to predict where the votes will end up.”

He touched on the amount of women nominees for the 2024 Grammy’s and the force behind it.

“Well, it is major, he began When you talk about the women nominees this year, you start to get a sense of how that’s going to impact the next generation of music people and music-makers who say, ‘I look kind of like that person.’ Or maybe ‘I sing like that person’ or ‘I play a little bit like that other person; I can do that’ or ‘I can be in music’ or maybe ‘I can be on the Grammy stage.’ So for me, this gives us such a great opportunity to do the work we do, fighting for the rights of music people and advocating for people for music, community and education.”