HAHA!! 105-Year-Old Woman Stays Healthy By Taking A Shot Of Hennessy Every Day [VIDEO]

This 105-year-old woman is a reminder that “age ain’t nothing but a number.”

Marathon runner Ida Keeling shared some interesting health tips during an interview with Allure. One of her secrets to better her wellness involves a shot of cognac a day, Hennessy to be exact.

She says,

“The doctor put me on Hennessy in 1972 because I had poor circulation. I take me a lil shot in a glass straight.”

It’s obvious that liquor is not the only thing Keeling swears by. She also incorporates a healthy eating lifestyle in her daily regimen.

“Eating for nutrition and not for taste. I think cod liver oil in the morning. I take that and orange juice and all kind of vegetables,” she said.

When it comes to exercising, she is a marathon runner. Keeling holds the record as the oldest person to complete a 100-meter run. “Make sure you exercise every day, exercise is the best medicine out there. Because if you don’t use it, you’re going to lose it.” 

Amazing!! Check her out below: