Halle Bailey Performs “Part Of Your World” At Disney Land

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Disney’s newest live-action princess of gearing up for her big debut in late May. To celebrate, Halle Bailey, took to California’s Disneyland to perform a song from The Little Mermaid, live for the first time.

The performance was aired during American Idol’s “Disney Night” episode. Bailey appeared on stage in a beautiful blue dress with an underwater kingdom of a stage set behind her. The song, Part of Your World, is the lead single off of the film’s soundtrack. It serves as one of the more well-known songs from the movie, as the main character, Ariel, yearns to be a part of human life.

The soundtrack for the film features new recordings of many of the original songs from the animated movie. One of the original writers, Alan Menken and Howard partnered with Lin-Manuel Miranda to write four new songs for the movie.

Along with Bailey, the film has a diverse cast. Names like Melinda McCarty, Awkwafina and more join the singer-turned-actress on the big screen. Fans can catch the new film in theaters on May 26th, ahead of Memorial Day Weekend.