Halle Berry Reportedly Wants To Direct A New ‘Catwoman’ Movie

Halle Berry has made it known that she wants to direct a new Catwoman film. 

Berry, who played the role in 2004, recently did an interview where she was asked if she could direct any of her previous projects which one would it be. She said it would be Catwoman. 

“I would love to direct Catwoman. If I can get ahold of that now, knowing what I know, having had this experience, and reimagine that world the way I reimagined this story,” she said.

Berry added, “Bruised was written for a white Irish Catholic 25-year-old girl, and I got to reimagine it. I wish I could go back and reimagine Catwoman and redo that. Have a redo on that, now knowing what I know [about directing].” 

She would go to say, “I would have ‘Catwoman’ saving the world like most male superheroes do, and not just saving women from their faces cracking off. I would make the stakes a lot higher, and I think make it more inclusive of both men and women.” 

This comes after Halle Berry made her directorial debut for the new Netflix film, Bruised. The movie will premiere on Wednesday, November 17th.