Here For It? Serena Williams Is Considering A ‘King Richard’ Sequel

It looks like Serena Williams wants to give fans more details about her and her sister, Venus Williams.

In a recent interview, the 23-time Grand Slam champion talked about wanting to focus on the rise of her and Venus in the tennis world. 

If you recall, King Richard ends with Venus making it to her senior tournament and witnessing the hurt Serena was behind her sister’s success. 

King Richard had a perfect ending with Venus on the tennis court. Venus goes in her direction, and I go in my direction. It’s two completely different stories,” she said. 

With making a sequel being something that she is considering, Williams knows that it will be a difficult task to put some of her early struggles for the world to see. 

“I had a rough journey. I didn’t do well and then I did. It’s a lot of drama. It’s a telenovela.” 

She added, “I don’t think I recognize my accomplishments enough. I’m one of those people that’s like, ‘If it’s done, it’s done, I’ve moved on.’ Because if you think about what you’ve done too much, you may stop doing it. And I never want to stop. I’m still trying to reach my goals.” 

Although she hasn’t been on the tennis court since her injury in 2021, it is being reported that she made make her appearance back to competing by this summer. 

What are your thoughts about a sequel to King Richard?