Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Summer Walker & How She Broke Beyoncé’s Record!

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images 

New emerging R&B artist Summer Walker is making a lot of noise, and breaking records!


Born Summer Walker, the Atlanta artist released a mixtape in 2018, which helped her foster the loyal fanbase that she has today. The curated compilation of music featured her hit single “Girl Needs Love” which topped the charts, and led to a remix featuring Drake.

Fans have been patiently awaiting Summer’s debut album, Over It, which was released October 4th.

Now, the album BEYOND ANY DOUBT met the expectations of her fans, as it was the largest debut from a female R&B artist in the last 10 years.

Over It appeared at No. 2 on the Billboard charts. It set a new record, having the biggest streaming week of all time with over 154 million streams, bypassing Beyoncé’s Lemonade.

This isn’t just an ordinary R&B album, Over It is a mood for every moment! You know those feelings that you had buried deep down inside, that you didn’t plan on revisiting? That’s what Summer Walker is delivering with this collection of music. The project comes complete with 18 songs and has some pretty interesting features.

Some notable records off the project are- “Come Thru” which features Usher. The song gives you a nostalgic feel as it samples Usher’s classic, “U Make Me Wanna.” 

Another track worth mentioning is- “I’ll Kill You” featuring Jhene Aiko. Now, don’t judge the song by its title. The sultry tune comes straight from the heart and speaks to how passionate love can be. Summer and Jhene show you that they don’t play ANY games when it comes to there boo’s, and why a connection between two people can be so strong.

“If it ain’t me and your mama, shouldn’t be showin’ you no love

Please forgive me, I know that I’m stingy

‘Cause baby I’m baby gang ’bout you

Ain’t playing no games bout you

I’ll go to hell and jail ’bout you boy”

Needless to say, right now Summer Walker is ON TOP. Her music is bringing that classic R&B feel that we are all missing, while also staying true to herself and her sound. Check out the whole album Over It below.