HERStory Making: Renée Hughes Creates The First Black-Owned Accredited College For Holistic Practice

This is outstanding! Renée Hughes has made history by founding the first-ever Black-owned accredited college for holistic practices.

Holistic Champions offers virtual classes that will teach students how to start their own holistic practice. 

As Black Enterprise reports, Hughes is a Certified Professional Coach, Aromatherapist, and Holistic Coach Mentor. She also specializes in psycho-aromatherapy and teaching profitable practice-building techniques with live workshops and training sessions. 

“I have used my more than 10 years of experience in the industry to build programs that profoundly impact my students’ lives and create ripple effects throughout their communities,” Hughes said. 

She continued, “I want them to be able to live up to their potential and remove the barriers to their ability to connect to others fully.” 

Renee Hughes launched the school in 2019 and has hopes that her academy will help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in the naturopathic health industry.