Home Depot Alleges That Tyrese Is Lying According To Their Footage

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There has been an update in the situation between singer Tyrese and Home Depot. 

A little while ago, we reported that Tyrese was thinking about suing the company after he claims that he was racially discriminated against. However, Home Depot said that that isn’t the case.

In a new report, the company said that the singer is lying about their employee being racist towards him. According to the legal documents, they said that Tyrese went into their store and brought a lot of items to the cashier, where everything was scanned. The store also claims that he went to do more shopping and left the register for 25 minutes, leaving the cashier to cancel out his transaction. 

The “Signs of Love Making” singer also claims that the cash register glitched and caused a delay and because of the delay he began to feel uncomfortable when people in the store began to recognize him. He said that he told the cashier that he would be giving his card to his two helpers so that they can make the transactions on his behalf. 

Home Depot says that their surveillance footage does not show him speaking to any of their cashiers. The surveillance did show the singer going back into the store and getting into a heated discussion with the employees before showing his ID and completing the transaction.

Tyrese had mentioned that it was hard for him to sue the retailer because it’s like his Disneyland. 

What are your thoughts on this?