HORRIBLE: Man Shoots 10-Month Baby In The Head After Being Rejected By Mom

Photo credit – Sirtravelalo/Shutterstock


This is just out of this world crazy!

Reported on ABC, 10-month-old Fayth Percy is in critical condition at a California hospital after being shot in the head by Marcos Antonio Echartea, 23. He was interested in dating Percy’s mother, Deziree Menagh, 18, but was rejected.

Menagh was at a family gathering when she ran into Echartea, whom she had met a week prior. According to the report, Echartea tried to grab Menagh but she pulled away and told her friends what happened.

After that, Menagh says Echartea tried to force her to sit on his lap. She resisted again and decided to get Percy and leave. 

“Menagh and the baby got into a car driven by a friend and they drove away; then as they started to park, they noticed Echartea ‘walking hurriedly’ towards the car,” the article reports. 

Then Echartea “allegedly pulled out a gun and fired three rounds into the driver’s side window, which was up. One round hit Fayth on the side of the head as her mother, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was holding her, the chief said. If the window were down, the baby may have been killed.”

Echartea is expected to be charged with three counts of attempted murder. He was also involved in a shooting in May, allegedly over another woman, and a baby was nearly hit from a bullet.

The family is praying Percy will survive. We will keep her in our prayers! 

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