Hundreds Sign Petition To Get Will And Jada Pinkett-Smith To Stop Doing Interviews

It looks like fans want the Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith to stop doing interviews.

A petition surfaced online, and already has over 1K signatures. The petition is titled “stop interviewing Will and Jada Smith.” One signee writes, “Im Sick and tiredddddd of Black Families being represented on Social Media The Way they Do. What they speak on is madness and should not be an Influence to ANYONE. WE DO NOT CAREEE! Stop Embarrassing yourselves!”

Another says, “It’s sickening and it shouldn’t be out there I feel Sorry for the children and their feelings somethings gotta give because this ain’t it this should not be a tic for tac and now it’s taking over everything.”

Let us know how you feel about this!